An inspiring talk

I was in my mid-twenties when I first came across Benjamin Zander, a U.K. conductor who currently conducts the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. This was during one of those dreary, warm post-lunch afternoons where the classroom lights and the fan become a drone for sleep to take over, except on this day my lecturer, the late Professor John Hopkins, dropped a name that was soon to change my perspective on music and my role as a soon-to-graduate musician.


Here is Mr. Zander sharing his passion for music to everyone - and I mean, everyone. Classical music may be a niche - some Australians say, a "dying" niche - but I disagree. So long as there are human emotions, a desire to open our minds and long as we are still human, anything - let alone classical music - is another possibility to expand our being and enhance our lives.   




- Natasha Lin

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