Why choose piano lessons with Natasha?


Natasha has had more than 15 years of piano teaching experience and even more years as a performer. Her varied and individually catered approach to sharing her knowledge and passion for the piano has greatly inspired many. Her students have gained entrance into the prestigious Melbourne Conservatorium and Victorian College of Arts, and recognition and awards in eisteddfods. Most importantly, Natasha's unique and fun approach in her teaching has seen her students reawaken to a love and passion for the instrument, something that can only be created through a genuine approach to the philosophy of teaching and the holistic appreciation and love for music.


Natasha's lessons are for anyone who are interested to explore music through the piano. Her philosophy behind her teaching is a balance between her disciplined experience as a student of the Russian piano method, as well the comparatively humanistic way of the Australian music culture. With the added insight to the various learning methods to suit individual personalities, Natasha's teaching methods will vary according the student needs and strengths . 


In addition to gaining insight into the world of music through the piano, Natasha has an unique way to instil confidence and to improve self-esteem through ongoing lessons. Her teaching method is steeped in positive psychology, a practice that has yielded her students to approach piano playing, and life, through different and unique perspectives.


So, whether or not you are after further skill polishing, improve on aural and sight-reading skills, to lift your performance standard, to rekindle a love for piano playing, or to explore further self confidence through piano playing, Natasha can facilitate a supportive role for your piano learning.

First consultation (30min) is free

Ask Natasha!

1. How much do you charge per lesson?

Please contact me for details. 


2. Where do you provide lessons?

My studio is currently based in Brunswick, however, lesson availability is current limited. Please use the contact form below to ask me for further details.

3. How much time commitment is expected for practice?

The brain is an amazing organ, and it is constantly changing and making new connections as the person keeps learning new skills and absorb information. Because of this, it is naturally important to keep up stimulation from any skill development - and in this case piano playing - on a daily basis.


A student's time is precious, so realistic goals need to be set for time management. I will certainly be supporting the student to approach daily piano practice realistically. Each student learns differently and at various rates, and this will be part of the lesson plan to be discussed. 

4. What are the age range of students you teach?

I will be accepting students of any age range, preferably if they have already had some basic piano skills. This definition differs with every student, so please use the contact form below to specify your needs and concerns. 

5. What levels of piano skills of students do you accept and teach?

Having some competency in fundamental piano skills is preferred. Additionally, I am keen to listen to the various needs of each student. The examples below have been some of the types of students who have approached me:


- To solidify, polish and improve piano playing techniques

- To improve playing confidence and stage presence

- To gain better marks in piano exams and VCE exams

- To gain an appreciation for piano playing again



Please use the contact form below to start a conversation with me on this question. 

6. Do you prepare students for exams and competitions?

Yes I do. I can prepare students for the AMEB and VCE exams (traditional and Leisure). I will also prepare students for competitions if the student wishes to do so, or as discretionary.


However, the focus of my lessons are not only for quantitative results but also a qualitative one. This means, if you are a highly motivated student and are after further piano learning but do not wish to enter exams or competitions, you will benefit immensely from what I offer.

7. I have bad experiences learning the piano in the past, but I wish to learn it again. Can you help me?

I certainly can and have worked with students from similar experiences. Please get in touch with me using the contact form below. 

8. I have more questions but I can't find them here. Can I email you?

You certainly can. You can email me at contact@natashalin.com or use the contact form below. 

Natasha would love to hear from any prospective students. Please get in                           touch with her and share her your ideas and questions

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