Keys to Wellbeing Studio

"Our 7 year old daughter is attending private lessons with Natasha, who is a very gifted teacher and clearly has an infectious passion and love for music which she passes on to our daughter effortlessly. Her technique and method of teaching are professional, unique, creative and easy to follow.  We have witnessed our daughter progress in her learning and understanding of the piano discipline very quickly and efficiently.  She loves going to classes with Natasha and enjoys practising her homework during the week. The whole experience has been profound for us as a family and the teaching our daughter is receiving from Natasha are a positive influence for her. They will stay with our daughter for her entire life. 

We are very grateful for all the passion, dedication, work and energy that Natasha has been putting in to her lessons. 

We are some of her biggest fans. So in short we highly recommend her to anyone considering learning the piano. " - Ethan


Skill development

Natasha is a highly sought-after teacher, whose unique expertise spans in the intersection between performance wellbeing and piano pedagogy. She was a student of the Russian School of Music methods, and her solid foundation in pianistic technique is seen in her numerous awards, competition prizes and scholarships in her training.


Now, being a piano teacher of more than 16 years, students have come to her for a variety of musical needs, stemming from expanding technical mastery for competition, exams and scholarship purposes;  to a need for a creative self-expression through improvisation, composition and general aural training.


Her varied and individually catered approach to sharing her knowledge and passion for the piano has greatly inspired many. Her students have gained entrance into the prestigious Melbourne Conservatorium and Victorian College of Arts, and recognition and awards in eisteddfods. Most importantly, Natasha's unique and fun approach in her teaching has seen her students reawaken to a love and passion for the instrument, something that can only be created through a genuine approach to the philosophy of teaching and the holistic appreciation and love for music as a tool for wellbeing.

A unique combination of therapeutic- and technique-orientated teaching

Natasha's lessons are unique for its lessons in skill development, and for the development of overall musical wellbeing.


Her lessons are therefore also for catered for anyone who are interested to explore music and wellbeing through the piano. Her philosophy behind her teaching is a unique balance between her disciplined experience as a concert pianist and from her work as a Registered Music Therapist. With the added insight to the various learning methods to suit individual personalities, Natasha's teaching methods will vary according the student needs and strengths.

“There are so many things we love about your teaching - we love that you think about how to engage our kids, and seek to follow their interests. I love that the kids have opportunity to see you perform and enjoy your own music too. That’s just wonderful. I particularly loved the idea you had at the last concert where you asked people to provide anonymous feedback on a slip of paper to encourage the performers. That was a beautiful touch. You are always so thoughtful and very psychologically minded. It’s such a strength. I really feel our children are much more engaged with you, and their playing (both the sound and their enjoyment of it) really reflects it. I also really like that you are open to helping them with the music that inspires them too. You are awesome!” - Tiba

Musical wellbeing

Drawing from a multitude of skills, insights and experiences, Natasha offers students opportunities to explore the piano in creative and different ways. In addition to gaining insight into the world of music through the piano, Natasha has an unique way to instil confidence and to improve self-esteem through ongoing lessons. Her teaching method is steeped in positive psychology, a practice that has yielded her students to approach piano playing, and life, through different and unique perspectives. With a strong background in performance and positive psychology, Natasha’s unique stance as a well-rounded pianist in today’s world offers everyone the insight into unlocking their potential with music. 

"I've been studying piano with Natasha Lin for several years and I consider her one of the best piano teachers I've had a pleasure of working with. Starting the piano practice as an adult is a difficult decision especially if you want to build a career in music. As I started at the age of 18, over the years of practice I had difficulties believing in myself and suffered severe anxiety every time I played. Through my lessons with Natasha we managed not only to develop confidence but also significantly improve my skills and my approach to practice. Now, I practice almost every day and I feel excited about my progress and my future in music. Practicing a musical instrument is a huge undertaking and you need to have a right person to guide you through the journey. I think Natasha Lin is a great teacher and an incredible musician herself and she can help develop your piano practice no matter what stage you are at." - Mariia

Natasha caters for beginner to advanced pianists

Are you a parent seeking to develop and nurture your child's inner musicality?

  • Developing general music skills
  • Developing piano playing skills 
  • Confidence in performance
  • Upskilling through exams and competitions
  • Nurtured through an inclusive, family-orientated learning environment


Are you a pianist who is ...

Experiencing, or have experienced 

  • Performance anxiety 
  • General anxiety 
  • Anxiety in wanting to approach the piano again after years of absence
  • Lack of confidence
  • Boredom 
  • Unmotivation

Wanting to 

  • Improve on technique
  • Further polish performance skills
  • Improve on technical, aural, sight reading skills
  • Rekindle your relationship with piano playing
  • Gain different perspectives on approaching piano playing

 If your needs are not listed or you've answered 'yes!' to any of the above, Natasha can facilitate a supportive role for your unique needs with the piano.